How to Apply for YPay Prepaid Card?

YPay Prepaid Debit Card is targeted at students and millennials who are more likely to do online transactions and adapt to digital technology. It is similar to Fyp Money Prepaid Card.


  • Prepaid Debit Card that doesn’t require a bank account.
  • This is NOT a credit card, and using it won’t affect your credit scores.
  • The card is NUMBERLESS, so even if you lose the card, it cannot be misused if you lock it from the app.
  • Hybrid Chip card: Both contact and contactless transactions are possible through this card.
  • Manage all your transactions through the mobile app.
  • Earn Rewards on spends with merchant partners.

Participating Bank: Yes Bank.
Payment Processor: Rupay Prepaid.


There is only a one-time issuance fee associated with the YPay card. It is Lifetime Free afterwards.

Charges for the non-personalized card: ₹199.
Charges for the personalized card: ₹499.

How to Apply?

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