HDFC Reports Maximum Credit Utilization to CIBIL

Hi everyone, I’ve come to realise/validate that HDFC does not report our max credit limit to CIBIL and other bureaus.

Due to this, if your monthly expenses are constant (for eg. 25K/month), you’ll start tanking your credit score because every time this is reported, the bureau and CIBIL will think you’re using 100% of your credit limit.

Hence, it was suggested to use utilise the card till MAX credit ONCE so the bureaus and CIBIL know our real credit limit (for eg. 75K-1L).

What are some of the ways we can utilise our cards for max consumption just before the credit information is reported (End of the month for HDFC) without losing much amount as service charges/other charges? Is there an easy way to move this amount to our Savings and credit it back to the card after a few days?

Looking forward to your responses!

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Hello @ins Welcome to FinTalks Forums!

Yes HDFC doesn’t report our full credit limit to CIBIL. They report only our max utilization. However, in my CIBIL report, I have seen it under the ‘max utilization’ header only. I mean to say, CIBIL knows that this is ‘max utilization’, and not my ‘offered credit limit’.

See this, from my report:

The ‘credit limit’ section is empty. So, no matter how much limit you use, Credit Bureaus will never really know your credit limit. So, their scoring will be based on your usage patterns only.

However, I have nothing to conclude from this statement. I just shared what I saw. If people think utilizing the maximum credit limit will help, then maybe, yes! If someone can share a solid case study on their experience, that would be better. I will wait for that.

As for the ways you can transfer your credit card balance, check out this post: How to do Credit Card to Bank Transfer? [ALL METHODS].

Thank you again. :heart:

Hi @nirmal thanks for your reply! That does make sense. If I may ask, where can I download a fresh CIBIL report? I have been using the OneScore app but am unable to see the PDF myself and it does not get delivered to my email.

I tried to check on Paytm but instead of CIBIL it shows me via Equifax :man_facepalming: so what’s the best way to generate and download your latest CIBIL report? As for Experian, I get the report delivered directly to my email. I wish I received my CIBIL reports as well whenever the score gets refreshed.

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Hello @ins , Kindly refer to this post: How to Check My Credit Score for FREE? (CIBIL / Experian / CRIF / Equifax). It contains a list of all apps that shows your Credit Score.

I checked my report from the HDFC Cibil Portal (link given in that post). Since you are an HDFC CC user you can also use it I guess.