GUIDE: How to Apply for HDFC Bank Add-on Credit Card?

In case you are holding an existing HDFC Bank Credit Card, and you want to apply for a HDFC Bank Add-on Credit Card for your family members, you can follow this post.

What is Add-on Credit Card?

An Add-on Card is a secondary card provided to your direct family members. It is of the same variant as the primary card and shares the same features as the primary card. I have already written a detailed post on What is Addon Credit Card, what are its benefits. Check it out: Add-on Credit Cards Explained: Features, Benefits, How to Apply?

Things to Remember:

  • Important: Contrary to other banks, HDFC issues the same card to Add-on Cardholders. Your card number, expiry, CVV, all of them will be the same for both primary and addon cards. Only the printed name will be different.
  • So, in my opinion, generally it is not much beneficial to apply for HDFC Bank Add-on Cards. Only apply if you want your family member to use the card for their offline shopping purposes.
  • One more reason for applying HDFC Add-on Card can be to Get Airport Lounge Access together. Both the primary and addon cardholder can use their cards to get access.
  • HDFC Addon Card is issued Lifetime Free. No charges are applicable.
  • If Addon Cardholder already has an HDFC Bank account, you don’t need to submit any additional documents. Else, you need to visit your nearest HDFC Branch, and fill the addon card form with KYC Documents.

How to apply for HDFC Addon Credit Card?

If you are still interested in applying for HDFC Addon Credit Card, you can follow the steps below:

If the Add-on Cardholder already has a HDFC Bank Account:

  • Log in to your HDFC Netbanking.
  • Click on Cards > Credit Cards > Transact > Request Add-on Credit Card.
  • Choose your Credit Card against which you want an Add-on Card.

  • Enter the details asked like Name, Customer ID, Relationship with the primary cardholder, Date of Birth, and Submit.
  • Your HDFC Add-on Credit Card will be delivered within 7 days.

If Addon Cardholder does not have an HDFC Bank Account:

  • Download the HDFC Addon Credit Card Application Form.
  • Take a printout and fill it up.
  • Visit your nearest HDFC Bank branch with the necessary KYC documents and submit them.
  • Your HDFC ADD-on Credit Card will be delivered within 7 days.

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