[GUIDE] How to Apply for Federal Bank Lifetime Free Credit Card?

Want to Apply for a Federal Bank Credit Card? You are at the right place.

Federal Bank has launched its credit card portfolio with 3 new card offerings: Federal Celesta, Federal Imperio, and Federal Signet Credit Card. All the 3 cards are Lifetime Free and you can apply for these cards.

Important Things to Note:

Federal Bank has a strict 1 credit card policy (as of December 2023). If you are offered a Federal Credit Card, you won’t be getting a second Federal Credit Card under any circumstances. This includes co-branded Federal Credit Cards like Scapia Credit Card, OneCard Metal Credit Card, Jupiter Edge Credit Card, or Fi Credit Card.

In case you already own any of the above mentioned credit cards, you cannot apply for Federal Bank Credit Card. Also, in case you want to apply for Scapia card, do not apply for Federal Bank Credit Card, since this will make you ineligible for applying for Scapia card.

Federal Bank Credit Card variants:

Federal Bank Credit Card has 3 variants: Celesta (highest tier), Imperio (below Celesta), and Signet (below Imperio). These cards come with VISA or MasterCard merchant platform. All their cards are Lifetime Free. You can check their features from here:

  1. Federal Celesta Credit Card.
  2. Federal Imperio Credit Card.
  3. Federal Signet Credit Card.

Most of the features are similar, although the categories for the rewards are a bit different across different cards. Btw, if you do not have a preapproved offer for Federal Bank Credit Card, you may not be able to choose your Federal Bank Credit Card variant. More about it later in this post.

How to Apply for Federal Bank Credit Card?

Visit the Federal Bank Credit Card Website.

Enter your Mobile Number. Confirm via OTP.

They will ask your PAN Card Number. Enter it and proceed.

Federal bank will check your mobile number and PAN and determine whether you have any pre-approved offer for Federal Bank Credit Card or not.

Preapproved Federal Bank Credit Card: No Documents Needed

In case you have a Jupiter Bank Account or Fi Bank Account, you might get a pre-approved Federal Bank Credit Card offer. In that case, you will directly see your Federal Bank Card variant options (Celesta, Imperio, Signet) with respective limits. You can select any of them, and confirm your address (which is saved with your bank account), and your card will be issued instantly. You can access your virtual Federal Bank Card from FedMobile App instantly.

In this method, there is no documents needed. No VKYC needed. Card is issued instantly and accessible via FedMobile App. No CIBIL inquiry.

Regular Application: Bank Statement or Salary Slip Needed

In case you do not have a pre-approved offer for Federal Bank credit card, then Federal Bank will ask for details of your Residential and Office Address, and your annual income, whether you are salaried or self employed, etc. After that they will ask for documents like Bank Statement or Salary Slip or ITR. Then based on your entered details, Federal Bank will offer you any of the card variants (Celesta, Imperio, Signet) Note that, card is not issued instantly. You have to wait for 2-3 hours and you will get email about card approval.

In this method, although documents are needed, there is no VKYC needed if you have a Federal Bank Account (Jupiter/Fi). And for many people I asked, card is issued within 2 hours of applying. You do not get to choose the card variant. Federal Bank will choose it for you. I am not sure whether a CIBIL inquiry happens or not, or of what amount. Do comment below if you know.

Access your Federal Bank Credit Card via FedMobile App

To access your Federal Bank Credit Card, you can download FedMobile App. It will verify your device via SIM card, and ask for your Federal Bank Account details or customer ID (in case you are an existing Federal Bank customer), or register via your Mobile Number if you are a new customer.

Once you log in to the FedMobile App, you can browse to the Credit Card section. You can see your card details and CVV and manage transactions and limits. You can also apply for Federal Bank Addon Card from there.

Your physical Federal Bank Credit Card will be delivered to your communication address within 7 working days.

That’s all, enjoy your Lifetime Free Federal Bank Credit Card.

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Any solution for “No Offers Available” ?
In April I applied with all details and shows above in last. After that whenever I put mobile number and otp directly shows above error.

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You cannot do anything. You need to wait for them to give an offer.

looks like I am the exception, have fi and jupiter but still asked for job detail and bank statement after giving bank statement no kyc was there but next day they rejected it.

You will get preapproved federal bank cc offer within the next 3 months. And meanwhile you cannot apply for any other federal bank cc channels like scapia etc.