GUIDE: Get Airport Lounge Access for anyone without physical card using DreamFolks Trick

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In case you forgot to carry your physical card with lounge access, and you still wish to access the lounge, then don’t worry. You can use the DreamFolks method.

Now no need to carry your physical card for Airport lounge access. Also, no name verification is needed. This works in both Domestic and International Lounges (Verified)

Register on DreamFolks Website.

After logging in, you can add your cards one by one, and you will see your pending lounge access benefits against each card. You can choose your card and choose the lounge you want to access and generate QR code against it. You can share that QR code and access the lounge, without having to use your card.

In case you change your mind, you can cancel your QR code as well. Also, there is no name verification needed while using this method, so you can bring along your friends or other guests who don’t have lounge access on their cards using this trick.

This is a good way to use lounge access without a physical card and without name matching in Indian lounges.

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Diners Club card not supported on this any idea when it will be added

not anytime soon as far I know. :frowning: