About the Casual Talks category

Just exactly what the name suggests, this thread is for casual, or less serious talks. It can be related to the financial domain or just an off-topic discussion. We created this for our community members to casually discuss with each other.

So, far, we are only allowing helpful discussion topics, for example:

  • Asking for suggestions regarding the next gadget purchase.
  • Asking for career advice.
  • Providing useful information that can help the members of this community.
  • Any other off-topics such as sharing experiences, discussing life, and more.

We are NOT allowing:

  • Any kinds of service providing / buy / sell etc.
  • Any kinds of promotional posts, referrals, or affiliate links.
  • Any jokes/memes/trolls.
  • Any political or religious topics.

Let’s help each other. :slight_smile: